Bag Tags also known as Baggage Tags have been used by airline companies, to route passenger luggage checked in to the final destination. The Warsaw Convention of 1929 established the criteria for issuing a baggage check or lugage ticket. Over a period of time there has been big changes in the information contained on an airline baggage tag. Tags prior to 1990s became obsolete as they offered little security & were easy to replicate. Some of the tags below with excellent artwork are from the days when air travel was nostalgic. A lot of these now form part of outstanding collections. Following are a mix of baggage tags & hand luggage tags

Qantas Empire Airways Egypt Air 707 Tata Airlines Freight Aero Peru Cubana Bag Tag 1960s
Gulf Air - Bahrain
PIA - 1970
SIA Group Baggage Tag
Varig DC-10
Air India First Class Bag Tags
Graf Zepplins Tag (1920-30s )
1940s Mexico - Aero Transportes SA Tag
American Airlines Astrojets Bag Tag LAX
Air New Zealand Tag
Alitalia Triangular Tag
Air France Le Club 1970s Tag
BOAC 1972 Bag Tag
AOM--Club Opale Priority
BWIA Not for Hat Rack Tag
Cruzeiro Do Sul Triangular Tag
KAL Tear Drop Bag Tag
Kuwait Airways Comet4C Tag
Korean Prestige Class Bag Tag
Mexicana Triangular Tag - 1975
Northwest HNL Bag Tag
Qantas Young Passenger Tag
SIA cabin ID Tag
TAA Diamond Tag
TAP (Air Portugal) Tag Mexicana Bag Tag
PamAm (1930-1940) Tag
Aero Continente-Peru
Indian Airlines Hand Luggage Tag (Reverse)
Libyan Arab Airlines Tag
Emirates Business Class Tag
TAA (Australia) Tag
Tarom Baggae Tag-Romania
Guernsey Airlines UK Gold Tag
PAA-Flying Clipper Tag
AI Maharajah Class 1970s Tags
Qantas Captain's Club Bag Tag
Iberia Preference Class Zambia Airways-Sable Class Qantas Blue Kanga Business Class Tag Tata Air Lines Baggage Tag
MEA Cedar Jet Bag Tag PanAm BOS Bag Tag PanAm LON Tag TWA Royal Ambassador Tag
Viasa Cabin baggage Tag
Viasa Cabin Baggage Tag (Reverse)
Air India 1970s Bag Tag
Polynesian Airlines Bag Tag Air India Assorted Bag Tags - 1960s
British Airways Christmas Tag
Libyan Arab Airlines 1st Class Tag
PanAm RIO Tag

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