First Flight Covers are part of both airline & postal history. Over the years, significant events have been celebrated by issuing special commemorative stamps, covers & envelopes. Flight Covers issued during services to specific routes are carried onboard the actual flight they commemorate & are hand cancelled with the date of the flight. These flight covers range from plain & simple to the ones that are pieces of art

Toronto-Bombay 1985
Bombay-Accra 1976
Abu Dhabi-Bombay 1970
Dubai-Bombay 1976
Osaka-Bombay 1972
Mauritius-Bombay 1967
Seychelles-Bombay 1976
Bahrain-Bombay 1962
Bombay-Durban-Johannesburg 1993
Lagos-Bombay 1976
Addis Ababa-Bombay 1968
Air India 13th. Anniversary
Bombay-Doha 1973
Amsterdam-Bombay 1969
Sydney 1962
Austria-Rome-Bombay 1961
Tehran-Bombay 1967

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