Airline Postcards have formed part of collections for decades. Some of these are so rare & hard to find due to limited numbers printed. Airline postcards can also be a record of historic occurance - of special flights, new aircraft types, specific markings etc.

1940-TWA Stratoliner Interior
Gulf Air VC-10
Air India A310 1980's Rising Sun Logo
SIA A310
Mil Mi-6 Maxicard with FDC-USSR Stamp
AA Clemen0 Bayard Dirigible-Tuck Oilette
BOAC Comet4 Salmon
MSA B707 Official Airline Issue
Air Siam DC-10
Mil Mi-8 Maxicard with FDC-USSR Stamp
BOAC Comet4 Jetliner
Ghana Airways B377 Stratocruise
Tridents at Heathrow
Imperial Airways Hannibal Croydon Airport
MEA Comet 4C
BEA Comet 4B
Equatoriana 707-03
SIA A380-Introducing the A380
SE 2010 Armagnac of TAI--1990s Reprint
Alitalia Caravelle at Turin
Nigeria Airways VC-10 Artist Impression
Equatoriana 707-04
Nigerian Airways Britannia
Air Siam DC-10
Lufthansa l-1049G Super Connie
BOAC 60's 3D Postcard
Jet Airways ATR-72-500
Pepsi AF Concorde Apr-1966
Swissair B747 (Odd markings on tail)
Wardair 747 with Crew
SIA 747 Megatop 9V-SMA
TWA 747-100 (22x10cm Card)
Air India Connie
SIA A380 First Flight 25th Oct '07
Saudi Arabian DC-9
Caravelle Iberia Birmingham
Imperial Airways Argosy at Croydon Airport
Bristol Brabazon
TWA 747 at Los Angeles Airport
AI Connie
Air India Boeing 747-400 Embossed
Singapore Airline Girl
SIA - Tropical Top
SIA - Tropical Top Jet Airways B 737-300

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