A Flight Safety Card is a document instructing passengers on an aircraft about the procedures for dealing with various emergency conditions that might arise during the flight. The graphic representaion allows the cards to be accessable to those speaking a different language than the flight crew. Flight Safety Cards are a collectable item among aviation enthusiasts since they are a reflection of an airline, aircraft type, culture & a period. The set of cards below range from different airlines & over a period of time

AI B747-200
AI Express 737-800
Air India B777-200
Air India IL-62
Air India L-1011
AirIndia 777-200ER
RAF Tristar Mk1
Alitalia B777  2002 Issue
Alitalia MD-80  2001 Issue
China Southern 2008 Issue
Qantas 747sp
Qantas 767-338
AI Connie 1950s
Qantas A380-800
East-West F28
EasyJet A319--320
Emirates B777-200 2003 Issue
Alitalia MD-11 1998 Issue
Alitalia Super 80 1996 Issue
Alitalia B747 1996 Issue
Air Deccan A320
Hapag Lloyd A310-300
Iran Air 747SP
Damania Airways 737-200
GO-Indian Carrier A320
Jet Airways A340-300
Kingfisher A320
Qantas 747SP
BA Concorde Issue 4
Air Canada 767M
BA  B747-400 Issue 9
TWA 1011
TWA 727-231
TWA 767 Intl
TWA 767
TWA DC-9-80
Rajair F-50
Il-62 Rossiya
Air India B747-200
Kingfisher ATR-72-212A
Spicejet 737-800
Air Canada L-1011 Tristar
An-124 Antonov
Ansett B 767-300 (2001 Issue)
BRA Rotatur Airlines Brazil  737-400
Air France Concorde
Qantas 747SP Chinese Version
Sahara 767-300

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