Following are a few Airline Advertisements from over the years announcing new sectors, inflight luxury, partnerships, recruitment & airline awards

AI Comet-Flight Cover Nov 1952
AI Maharaja-Serves You Right 1969
Air Lanka 3 Hosties
Air Pacific & Qantas
Ansett Worldwide
Maharaja Festival in Europe-1962
BA Puliing Out Stops 747
Lufthansa-Diff Faces
American Airlines Up for Sale
JAL Japan & Beyond
PanAm Europe to USA
BOAC VC10 Tail
BA Rolls Royce 747s
MAS Best Service in the World
MAS Economy with 1st Class Entertainment
Thai Chennai Beauties
Qantas Aircraft Smiling Over Awards
Lufthansa Like a Mercedes
Star Alliance Jet Engine Shoes
Thai Lobster
Qantas Tags & Badges
SIA Bigtop
BEA Argosy
Thai Smooth As Silk
Thai Smooth as Silk
TWA Only One Airline Covers US & Europe
Virgin Blue Lower Fares
One World Polar Bears
BA Concorde - Twice as Fast
SAA Hippo Advert
SAA Hornbill Advert
SAA Rhino Advert
SAA Baboon Advert

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