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This website is dedicated to Aviation & Aviation Collectables. These gems of the sky that continue to fascinate us from childhood to adulthood have lead to impressive collections ranging from aircraft models, memorabilia, aviation art & paper items. Collections spanning over decades showcase the amazing history of aviation, both commercial & military. This is just the start of that will grow over a period of time with additions to existing categories as well as introduction of new categories





Ken Sequeira

My name is Ken Sequeira. I am an aviation enthusiast who has worked in the airline industry for several years & across various departments. This website showcases items from my collection & provide a fascinating insight into the collectables of the airline world. My passion for aviation encompasses collectables, aviation art & photography. I'd like to acknowledge the contributions from fellow collectors, family & friends with many thanks. Anyone who would like to swap aviation items, buy, sell or just contribute to enhance this collection further are welcome to contact the Aerocollectors Club.

This new section now includes an assortment of advertisements ranging from alcohol, watches & other categories that will take you down memory lane. The prints are available for sale on glossy paper, high density, perfect for framing, as a gift item or to add to your collection. The number of categories will increase; so bookmark this page for updates. Click on the images to the right to view these ads. Alcohol Advertisements Watch Advertisements Mixed Advertisements
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